2011 NM Filmmakers Showcase: Best Documentary Film

Flamenco School: a documentary film

By New Mexico Film Office

Topic Local Film

Meet Eva Encinias Sandoval, founder of the National Institute of Flamenco. From a downtown studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this life-long flamenco advocate oversees a multi-pronged approach through classes for students of all ages, outreach performances in the community, and advanced study for serious practitioners. Also a professor at the University of New Mexico, Eva has created what is considered by many the premiere course of flamenco study in the United States.  

Students and masters alike credit Eva and her children Joaquin, director of the associated Yjastros professional company, and Marisol, an instructor and gifted dancer, for maintaining rigorous standards and making flamenco study an intoxicating avocation.

Eva's persistence and leadership also brings Albuquerque worldwide recognition by hosting the International Festival of Flamenco. After twenty-two years, the International Festival is cancelled due to the recession. Eva and the Institute intensify efforts to raise funds and awareness aiming to return even stronger next year. 

Flamenco School is a first-person, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to become a true flamenco ­ the discipline, the rehearsal and the understanding of the cante and baile, the song and dance. We follow individuals in various stages of their journey - students and professionals to understand what inspires them. Through passion, hard work and dedication, Eva's teaching becomes a means to understand the culture and tradition of this fascinating art form and perpetuate it into the twenty-first century.