Julia Goldberg Morning Show - January 30, 2014

The Gap Narrows

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A new poll shows mayoral candidate Javier Gonzales gaining on frontrunner Patti Bushee. Plus: rape suspect charged after more than two decades; southside will gain a new hospital; City Councilor seeks to ban bullying at City Hall. Plus District 3 City Councilor Carmichael Dominguez discusses his bid for re-election, Zane Fischer talks city politics, and City of Santa Fe Multimedia Production Manager Joe Abeyta fills in for Jodi McGinnis Porter to preview the city's show. With hourly news and ski reports from John Calef, Your Morning Commute, The Prairie Dog Minute with Eliot Fisher, Commonsense Commentary with Jim Hightower.

With special guests: District 3 City Councilor Carmichael Dominguez; Mix Santa Fe coordinator and Anagram principal Zane Fischer; the City of Santa Fe multimedia production manager, Joe Abeyta