OMG Hump Day

April 23, 2014 • The Julia Goldberg ShowDownload the podcast (right click and "save as.")
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Mayor Gonzales redecorates, WIPP gets reviewed, GOP attacks Alan Webber's Weather Underground supporter. With author Sarah Stark discussing her new novel, Out Here, in advance of the 6 p.m. book signing April 25 at Collected Works Bookstore. GMO OMG Director, Writer and Editor Jeremy Siefert talks about his new film on genetically modified organisms, screening April 30 as part of the Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute Wednesday night film series. Santa Fe Reporter Deputy Editor/Arts and Culture Editor Enriqué Limon previews the picks of the week. With Your Morning Commute, The Prairie Dog Minute with Eliot Fisher and Commonsense Commentary from Jim Hightower