New Mexico Film Works: August 7, 2014 _ Dr. Phil Lewis _ Angelique Paull

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Lindsey Valdez


Special Guest: Professor, Dr. Phil Lewis / NM State Creative Media

Dr. Philip Lewis, Professor, NMSU/Creative Media Institute
Dr. Philip Lewis is an accomplished professor, film director and writer. He has produced and directed dozens of
films and television programs on four continents and is a
n award winning documentary film director (winning an
ACE in 1990, and the Local Legacy Award by the Library of Congress in 1999).
Over his 30-year career in the industry, he has worked for CBS, NBC, MTV, Sony Pictures, TNT Productions and other major medi
a companies throughout Europe, America and Australia. His PhD is in Interactive Film from Queensland University of Technology
(Australia). In addition to teaching, his work at NMSU has been doing research on different artistic and alternative
film technologies and expressions. Dr. Lewis’ current documentary is an exposé on women’s roles in 21st century
Africa where he spent July 2013 traveling through various countries interviewing women from all walks of
life. Arising Together: Women on the Verge in Africa will be released worldwide in the summer of 2014.


Special Guest: Angelique Paull / Costume Designer & Supervisor