Julia Goldberg Morning Show March 6, 2014

Life in New Mexico

March 6, 2014 • Download the podcast (right click and "save as.")
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New video competition emphasizes living in the Land of Enchantment. Plus: exposed WIPP employees reassured about their health. And: new series on NM's nuclear history set to start filming in Santa Fe. With hourly news and ski reports from John Calef, Your Morning Commute, The Prairie Dog Minute with Eliot Fisher, Commonsense Commentary from Jim Hightower and more.

With special guests: Dirk Norris, NM Film Foundation; Brad Stoddard, president of New Mexico Post Alliance; MIX Santa Fe Coordinator and Anagram principal Zane Fischer; City of Santa Fe Public Information Officer and Multimedia Administrator Jodi McGinnis Porter; City of Santa Fe Multimedia Manager Joe Abeyta