Guerilla Downhill Race and Winning Red Bull Schlittentag Team Interview

April 29, 2013 • On the EdgeDownload the podcast (right click and "save as.")
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Some video of Team Scared Schlitless.

Teqam Scared Schlittless:

  • Eric Patriga as The Hot Blonde Chick...
  • Parker Tomasi as Goose


  • Ian Supple as Maverick


I'd love to have put some info up aboput the secret downhill "Sandia" race, but... It's secret!

Google search "Albuquerque Arroyo Skateboard Race" for more details...

However, if you want to ride the arroyo's on your own, here is a link to the page mentioned in the first half of the show:

his page has a pretty comprehensive rundown of some of the best spots in Burque.


Stay tuned for next week's show: "Denver International Airport - New World Order Headquarters?"