Tom Knoblauch Jamborie

In memory of the late Tom Knoblauch aka Obi Tom Knobby




Ticket Info

Admission: $7 (proceeds benefit Tom's family)


Jean Cocteau Cinema

Address: 418 Montezuma Avenue View Google Map of Address

Phone: (505) 466-5528

Event Details

In memory of the late Tom Knoblauch aka Obi Tom Knobby

Select local musicians beloved by our friend will play in his honor with selections to celebrate his life after his passing.

Tickets are $7, proceeds will go to his family and other donations will be accepted for the family.


  • Broomdust Caravan is a Honky Tonk and Blues jam band from Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico.


  • Felecia Ford — needs no introduction . . . but — Hundred Year Flood, the Cherry Pickers, highly respected vocal coach and producer, New Mexico’s first call female vocalist, Frogville, Kissing Booth, . . . etc. etc.

  • Gregg Turner was listed in Best of Santa Fe 2013 - Sidestepping the punk he’s regularly celebrated for, Gregg Turner (ex-Angry Samoans, Blood Drained Cows) bares his kooky side in a bid at being Santa Fe’s top delinquent troubadour. Billy Bill Miller (ex-Roky Erickson and The Aliens, Blood Drained Cows) wields the electric autoharp like the garage-psych legend he is, swinging from sweet and seductive to complete freak out. Turner’s lyrics are clever, the tunes simple but catchy and the entire album feels honest and heartfelt.