Toast-n-Jam #470: December 5, 2013

Opener: JJ Cale tribute - Closer: archival Phish for their 30th anniversary

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TnJ 470 (12/5/13)


WIDESPREAD PANIC – Travelin’ Light  (6/30/13 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO)
JERRY GARCIA BAND – After Midnight  (7/20/76 the Keystone, Berkeley, CA)
JJ CALE & ERIC CLAPTON – When This War Is Over  (2006 the Road to Escondido)
ROBERT WALTER’S 20th CONGRESS – Don’t Chin the Dog  (2013 Get Thy Bearings)
COUNTRY BLUES REVUE – a Minor Bit Blue  (2013 a Minor Bit Blue)
SWEETWATER STRING BAND – Francis Lee  (2011 Sweetwater String Band)
TIM O’BRIEN and DARRELL SCOTT – Angel’s Blue Eyes  (2013 Memories and Moments)
INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS feat. BRUCE HORNSBY – Road to Boulder  (2013 Road to Boulder EP)


AMOS LEE – Stranger  (2013 Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song)
ELECTRIC SOUL PANDEMIC – Elk Park  (2013 Communications)
PEARL JAM – Swallowed Whole  (2013 Lightning Bolt)
THIRD of NEVER – Green Roses  (2013 Downrising)
SOUND TRIBE SECTOR 9 – F. Word  (9/8/06 the Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO)
BIG SOMETHING – Jose’s Pistola  (2013 Big Something)
PHISH – Slave to the Traffic Light  (2013 Niagara Falls, 12/7/95 Niagara Falls Convention Center, Niagara Falls, NY)

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