Toast-n-Jam #468: November 21, 2013

Another crop of toasty musical treats kicks off with Country Blues Revue live in Studio II...

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TnJ 468 (11/21/13)
Thanks to Big John Treadwell of Frogville for leading off a live two-fer with Country Blues Revue during our normal hand-off.  They are recording a live album over 2 nights (Dec. 6 & 7, 2013) at Frogville Studios and it’s gonna be a heckuva time.  You can buy tickets to be in the studio audience for $20 from Candyman, Duel Brewery, Hillside Market, or at

COUNTRY BLUES REVUE – a Theory About You  (live at KBAC-FM, Santa Fe, NM) reverbnation


COUNTRY BLUES REVUE – the Writing’s on the Wall  (live at KBAC-FM, Santa Fe, NM) reverbnation
BUDDY GUY with ROBERT RANDOLPH & QUINN SULLIVAN – Damn Right, I’ve Got the Blues  (2013 Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY)
JIM LAUDERDALE – By the Horns  (2013 Black Roses)
BORIS McCUTCHEON and the SALT LICKS – Harmless Yellow Leaves [reprise]  (2013 Might Crash!)
SWEETWATER STRING BAND – Droppin’ the Axe  (2011 Sweetwater String Band)
the GRASCALS – When I Get My Pay  (2013 When I Get My Pay)
HARD WORKING AMERICANS – Down to the Well  (2014 Hard Working Americans)
RAILROAD EARTH – the Last of the Outlaws  (2014 the Last of the Outlaws)


JOHN BROWN’S BODY – Deep Summer  (2013 Kings and Queens)
HERBIE HANCOCK TRIO – Watch It  (2013 Herbie Hancock – the Complete Columbia Album Collection 1972-1988 [box set], 7/13/77 San Francisco, CA)
MILES DAVIS – Fran-Dance  (2013 the Original Mono Recordings [box set], 7/4/58 Newport Jazz Festival)
VALERIE JUNE – Workin’ Woman Blues  (2013 Pushin’ Against a Stone)
STRING CHEESE INCIDENT – Mouna Bowa  (7/26/13 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO)
YONDER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND – Don’t Worry Happy Birthday  (2013 EP 13)
LEFTOVER SALMON – Light Behind the Rain  (12/13/12 Strings and Sol, Tulum, MX)

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