Singing in the Rain

And dancing!

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A wild weekend awaits with movies, dance and music. We get down to it with Alicia J Keyes, producer of Blaze You Out, Erica Gionfriddo from Arcos Dance, Joanne LeFrak from Site Santa Fe, and Johnny Bell from the After Hours Alliance Festival of Progressive Arts. Plus: Apple reveals the latest in Orwellian marketing, SFPD captures more bears and the NNSA=FAIL. With hourly news updates from John Calef, The Prairie Dog Minute with Eliot Fisher, Your Morning Commute and the Morning Show Margarita Correspondent Andrew Primm

Special guests: Alicia J Keyes, producer of Blaze You Out; Erica Gionfriddo, associate artistic director of Arcos Dance; Joanne LeFrak, education director of Site Santa Fe; Johnny Bell of After Hours Alliance; musician and videographer Andrew Primm