Rudra Ram aka Alan Hutner: ‘Permission Mission’

Transitions Radio Magazine - March 29, 2012

"Permission Mission"

We mused before on

The “Surrender Bender.”

The Mind Ender

Disabling the great pretender

To know about Divinity

And wax on Infinity

To “Be That.”

Pure awareness of Presence


It’s not only a surrender

To even beyond knowing

It’s a permission mission

As Divine Mother said

To the Wholeness instead


Most specifically

Turning over body and physiology

To the nurturing mother’s purifying energy

Permission to the intelligence of

Mother Earth’s great relevance

And her ever circling moon

Returning nightly

For love’s eternal swoon


Permission also to high noon

And sun power

Forestalling any burnout doom

For many lifetimes to come

Bow to Ra our sustaining sun

Give permission to Father Sky

“Do not pass me by”

Permission to your own third eye

To open fully

For this Divine ride


Permission to Mother Father God

And the Holy O You

No matter how seemingly odd

To guide you on your perfect path to trod

Permission to the silence

No resistance

Quelling violence


Or any form of dissonance

By simply stopping and saying

Or formerly praying

To the Great Intelligence

That is the One

And only relevance


To precede and supersede

What has brought your full awareness

To this moment

To give full permission to every component

Of Divinity

To guide you within-ity

Relaxing into infinity.



How far can you go

Into the Cosmic show

With no boundaries to know

Formless infinite Self


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