Rudra Ram aka Alan Hutner ‘Cosmic Shift’

As I’ve said before
Life’s far from a bore
There’s so much on the shelves
Of the cosmic store
So what will you explore?
The shift is hitting the fan
What’s your plan?
To navigate the cosmic dam

Of energy
Bursting forth
Molecules rearranging
Everything changing
The shift deranging
Constructs of reality
Setting some humans Free
Driving others up a tree

What do you see?
And hear
And fear
It’s all set to go
Best surrender to Divine Flow
Let the current and winds Blow
Downstream a go go!

Smooth sailing
No flailing
Steer a bit
As rapids shift
Unknot that pit
Enjoy the trip
As rowing upstream
Will give you a real fit
Anyway, that’s my hit

Divine is the ocean
Divine is the notion
All streams flow to
What’s below
All rivers to the same place go

To a body of water
In perfect divine order
And at the end of the ride
The waves will subside
You’ll find peace inside
Like going down a wet slide
Or a roller coaster rode
It eventually ends
Unless you do it again
Choices my friend

Ease and pleasure or
Pain forever!
In this land of Ever Ever

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