Denver International Airport - The Sinister Side

On the Edge - May 29, 2013

An Interactive Podcast

This weeks podcast is all about the interesting symbolism and intriguing backstory regarding some of the morbid features of Denver International Aiport.  This is a very visual topic, so below are some images and links you can use to follow along with while listening.  Enjoy!

The massive and symbolic skyline of Denver International Airport.

DIA as seen from above.  You make the call.

Officially named "Blue Mustang", this ominous symbol at the entrance to DIA has garnered such nicknames as "Bluecifer" and "Satans Steed".  Interestingly, the sculptor, Luis Jiménez, was killed by a portion of this statue in his studio here in NM.


Just some examples of the symbolism within the airport's walls:

Some of the references to "White Mountain".  Check out THIS ARTICLE on the Navajo creation stories and THIS ARTICLE explaining some of the word references.  Notice the many references, in context, to "White Mountain" on the DIA floor.  HERE is another interesting article on the fourth, or "White" world of the Navajo creation stories.  Some may say, these are references to a New World Order.


Finally, as if all those other apocalyptic references weren't enough, take a look at these murals that make thier home inside DIA:

I'm no art critic, but none of these kids expressions look super happy to me.  In light of the burning forest in the background and mass funeral they seem to be attending, I don't blame them.

Yes, that's a child in a coffin.  Pretty family friendly stuff for an international airport huh?


I'll let you decide for yourself on this one...

Just so I'm not only showing one side, check out THIS STATEMENT from Leo Tanguma, the artist himself.  Notice he never really directly defends the morbid nature of these murals specifically?

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