Breaking: City Councilor Patti Bushee Announces She is Running for Mayor

Election takes place March 4, 2014

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Santa Fe City Councilor Patti Bushee announced live during the Julia Goldberg Morning Show earlier this morning that she intends to run for mayor. You can hear her announcement by listening to the podcast above.

"Yes, I am going to run for mayor," she announced this morning. "I am announcing on your show."

Bushee ran an unsuccessful bid for mayor in 2002 against incumbent Larry Delgado.

"I have done that once before and I realize the importance of this decision," Bushee said. "A number of folks, for a few years, have been asking me and I really was getting settled into the thought that (Mayor David Coss) might run again, and was happy about that. And when he made that decision, of course, it put everything into a new gear. Over the years, people have told me to run for other offices that people consider higher offices, but I've always been so dedicated to the city and the policy-making role that I've had, so I think this is a culmination of my almost 20 years of public service."

Bushee said she sees small business economic development and water issues as among Santa Fe's most pressing issues.

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