Ask Those Branding Guys

Jim Glover, that branding guy, and Dave Hayduk, that marketing guy, assist businesses and organizations to position their brands to be #1 in the minds of their customers. Now those branding guys share with you their expertise on the radio. Putting brands on the couch and recommending strategies and tactics and are just a few of the topics covered every Monday at noon. Tune in and soon you'll become a branding and marketing authority as well.

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Marketing is a Work of Art

Feat. Darrell Hilley

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"Fascinating Tales from the Big Brands"

Former P&G and Leo Burnett Execs Unplugged

Feat. Chuck Lieppe, Jim Patterson and Mike Calavani

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"Selling Renewable Solar Energy"

Branding a Solar Energy Installer

Feat. Regina Wheeler

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"Relationship Based Parenting Consulting"

Branding a Specialty Service Business

Feat. Abby Bordner

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"Tracking Television Soaps for Fans"

Branding an Online Community

Feat. Linda Marshall-Smith

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"Chatting with Sense Clothing and Beaver Toyota"

Branding Clothes That Make Sense and Beaver Toyota

Feat. Robin Beachner and Jerry May

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"Green Marketing and the Importance of Good Writing"

A Look at New Mexico’s Green Chamber of Commerce

: Feat. Laura Sanchez, Glenn Schiffbauer and Anne Maclachlan

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"Achieving the American Dream is Key"

Branding Communities - A New Focus

Feat. Suzanne Schell and Ed Burghard

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“Creating a Brand from the Heart”

Feat. Val Alarcon and Carolyn Parrs

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"Best Practices in Developing Online Retail

Creating a Great E-Commerce Site

Feat. Ava Salman