Heath Concerts presents

Joe Ely Duo

w/ special guest: David Ramirez




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Santa Fe Sol

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Joe Ely Duo w/ special guest: David Ramirez

Heath Concerts presents Joe Ely Duo with David Ramirez.

Since he first hitched a ride out of Lubbock, Texas, at the age of sixteen, singer-songwriter, and Flatlanders band member Joe Ely has been a road warrior, traveling highways and back roads across America and Europe, playing music for "two hours of ecstasy" out of "twenty-two hours of misery." To stay sane on the road, Ely keeps a journal, penning verses that sometimes morph into songs, and other times remain "snapshots of what was flying by, just out of reach, so to savor at a later date when the wheels stop rolling, and the gears quit grinding, and the engines shut down."

While acknowledging that "it is not the nature of a gypsy to look in the rearview mirror," Joe Ely nevertheless offers his many fans a revelatory look back over the roads he's traveled and the wisdom he's won from his experiences. And for "those who want to venture beyond the horizon just to see what is there... to those, I hope these accounts will give a glint of inspiration..."