Bill Hearne - Country Music




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Zia Diner

Address: 326 South Guadalupe Street View Google Map of Address

Phone: (505) 988-7008

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Zia Diner is the place to be from 5 - 7 p.m Sunday, July 7, 2013 because beloved Santa Fe country music local legend Bill Hearne is gracing the stage with a mission to delight everyone.

Honkytonks, roadhouses, empty whiskey glasses, unrequited love are the brick and mortar of country music and there isn't a better mason than Bill Hearne

Bill Hearne calls it 'The Road:' that metaphorical ribbon of honky-tonks, roadhouses, empty whiskey glasses, prison cells and unrequited love line with signposts and mile markers tattooed with names like Haggard, as in Merle, Williams, as in Hank, Owens, as in Buck and Lovett, as in Lyle.

Being legally blind, Bill has never actually driven The Road himself, but he sings with such authority of the tales he's heard while riding shotgun that you'd never know it.
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