Santa Fe Bandstand Presents

Wildewood and Earl “Poole” Ball & Friends

American Folk Rock | Honky Tonk Piano





The Santa Fe Plaza

Address: 80 E San Francisco Street # C View Google Map of Address

Event Details

Wildewood is the culmination of three people’s love for American roots music and a testament to the power of narrative working alongside diverse instrumentation to create moving stories. The songs are full of emotion echoed by swaying harmonies, whining steel guitars, and driving percussion. Together, Meredith Wilder, Greg Williams and Alex McMahon cover musical ground spanning folk, rock, country, blues, and something outside those boundaries entirely. The trio formed in early 2011 and has found a comfortable niche in Albuquerque’s growing Americana scene. Meredith Wilder’s singing is angelic and poignant as she weaves storylines with diverse chord progressions and melodies. Greg Williams’ percussion work is nothing less than tasteful and his harmonica and piano playing adds texture and contrast. Alex McMahon moves between electric and acoustic guitars as well as pedal steel guitar to fill out the sound with drive and twang, while occasionally singing alongside Meredith.

From the great concert halls of Europe, North America, and Australia to the classic Country Rock Honky-Tonks of the Great American Southwest. Earl Poole Ball is Internationally known as “Mr. Honky-Tonk Piano. From more than 20 years of featured appearances on television and in concert as a member of the Johnny Cash Show, to his crowd pleasing performances at major fairs, venues and rodeos throughout the United States and Canada.