Santa Fe Bandstand Presents

Pawn Drive and The Handsome Family

Folk, Americana





The Santa Fe Plaza

Address: 80 E San Francisco Street # C View Google Map of Address

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Members of Selsun Blue  and the Rivet Gang join forces to resurrect Pawn Drive. Rooted in the world of Folk and Americana with a dusting of grit und drang.

New Mexico’s The Handsome Family is a 20-year songwriting collaboration between husband and wife, Brett (music) and Rennie Sparks (words). Their lyrics and music are very intense, highly descriptive and full of meticulously-researched narrative and exhilarating musical re-imaginings of everything from Appalachian holler, psychedelic rock, Tin Pan Alley and medieval ballad. Of course you don’t have to be a music historian to love these songs. They are full of romantic longing for nature’s mysterious beauty and the tiny wonders of everyday life.