Santa Fe Bandstand Presents

Mariachi Nuevo Sonido and Radio La Chusma

Mariachi | Regga, Cumbia, Rock





The Santa Fe Plaza

Address: 80 E San Francisco Street # C View Google Map of Address

Event Details

Mariachi Nuevo Sonido is a complete Mariachi ensemble featuring full instrumentation. Nuevo Sonido performs the entire range of Mexican and New Mexican folk and popular music. Their high energy show is dedicated to the perpetuation of the vast range of Mexican traditional music and New Mexican music of the past and present, and to the celebration and maintenance of the continuing influence between Mexican and New Mexican culture. Mariachi Nuevo Sonido emphasizes authenticity and tradition and reflect the current international resurgence of interest in Mariachi music. All members originate from Mexico and are third generation Mariachi.

Representing the beauty and complexity of the border culture, the reggae/ cumbia/ rock band known as Radio La Chusma, is sparking up the music scene. They make uplifting the people with their message and hard hitting rhythms, look easy. With four part harmonies and battling solos, this new “Pachuco sound” takes the reggae vibration to a whole new level. Bringing their unique perspective to the rest of the world, Radio La Chusma breaks down the borders of language and religion by bringing people together. Deeply rooted in Mezo-American and African traditions, the music brings a ceremonial feeling to the audience.