August 10 and 11

22nd Annual Zia Regional Rodeo

An IGRA Sanctioned Event





Rodeo de Santa Fe

Address: 3237 Rodeo Road View Google Map of Address

Phone: (505) 471-4300

Event Details

IGRA is composed of many regional gay rodeo associations, and sanctions a season of rodeo events which culminates in an annual World Gay Rodeo Finals®. IGRA events are intended to allow all contestants, regardless of sexual and gender identity, to compete in rodeo sports without discrimination. The organization helps spread appreciation for Western culture and the sport of rodeo, while serving as a fundraising vehicle benefiting many charitable organizations.

IGRA has a long and rich history of full inclusion for all people.

IGRA fully embraces, encourages and supports gender equality and sexual orientation equality at all levels of leadership, participation and competition. We do not, nor have we ever, discriminated due to race, color, age, country of origin, or ability challenges.

IGRA lives these policies at our rodeo, royalty and dance events through our rules and regulations that provide opportunities for participation in competition. Here are some specific examples of how we break through typical stereotypes:

Both men and women, regardless of orientation, ride the same rough stock livestock under the same rules and requirements. Unlike most other rodeo organizations, in IGRA both men and women alike fully compete in bull riding and bronc riding.
In IGRA team events, such as Team Roping, Steer Decorating, Wild Drag Race and Goat Dressing men and women can create teams of any combination of gender that they desire, within the minimum rules of competition.

In the Wild Drag race we celebrate the contributions of “drag" by incorporating the fundamentals of female impersonation into a dangerous rough and tumble event that brings together a woman, a man and person of either gender in drag.

IGRA has a diverse leadership group in the certified and operational disciplines such as rodeo directors, arena crews, scorekeepers, judges, trustees , chute crew, announces and support.