Today I’m driving a 2014 Avalon XLE V6 from Beaver Toyota Scion

November 22, 2013 • Honey Harris
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Well it had to happen and now I am driving my last brand new Toyota from Beaver Toyota Scion.  100 Cars in 100 Days officially ends this afternoon when I return the 2014 Avalon XLE V6 I am driving today.  Yesterday, Nancy asked which car I wanted to drive for my last car and I had a choice of a lot of really great Toyotas but the one I chose out of all of them was the 2014 Avalon XLE V6.  Now I'm not saying right now that this is my favorite car because I have to process all of my driving experiences this weekend before I make my final decision on Monday but I will say I definitely love the Avalon.  It's spacious but not too big, very luxurious, so quiet it's almost painful and really smooth to drive.  And did I mention how beautiful it looks inside and out?  This car is classy and not with a "k".  I am already missing all the great folks at Beaver Toyota Scion and that is really saying something for me.  You should go there today and test drive one of the fine Toyotas yourself and you'll know why I can't say enough about how well-made all of the Toyotas are at Beaver Toyota Scion.  To hear more about my driving experience with the 2014 Avalon XLE V6 just click on the link.  Go see them on St. Michael's Drive or visit them online at   Be sure to tell them Honey sent you.