33 Sakes in 33 Days: #4 Daku

Honey's Sake Symposium from Ten Thousand Waves

January 9, 2014 • Honey Harris
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Today I'm talking about the fourth of the first five sakes I've tasted from Ten Thousand Waves' new restaurant, Izanami. You know they are celebrating their 33rd birthday at Ten Thousand Waves featuring 33 of their 50 sakes in 33 days.

Today the featured sake is Daku, a nigori, which translates as "cloudy". Almost all sake is filtered, however nigori sake is only partially filtered leaving behind visible rice particles, hence the term "cloudy". This sake is produced by Musashino, who won the highest position in the Niigata competition among the region's more than 80 producers in 2005. This sake is always served chilled and you have to shake the bottle before opening it. This sake feels like it tastes, if you can imagine what I'm saying. It is a little sweet and this is because it has rice particles that are still fermenting. The rice mash gives it a bigger taste. This sake had a bit of a fruity taste and was mild and creamy. We really enjoyed tasting this particular sake. It pairs well with spicy food and Teriyaki. You can actually keep this bottle of sake in your fridge for 12 months or more, but if you're like me, that will never happen! We are learning so much about sake, aren't we? Heck, before this week I didn't even know how to pronounce sake.

Today at Izanami they are featuring Daku, so you can drive up to Ten Thousand Waves and sample this delicious sake yourself. And of course, Chef Kim Muller's out-of-this-world menu will taste so spectacular with this sake, too. Don't forget that tomorrow you can log onto santafe.com keyword sake and register to win dinner for two at Izanami and a private hot tub for two. You just have to name all 5 of the sakes I've tasted this week. On Monday, we'll announce the winner. Stay tuned in the 10 a.m. hour every weekday to hear me talking about the sake of the day from the fine folks at Ten Thousand Waves and Izanami.

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