33 Sakes in 33 Days: #1 Ban Ryu

Honey's Sake Symposium from Ten Thousand Waves

January 6, 2014 • Honey Harris
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Ten Thousand Waves is celebrating their 33rd birthday and I am going to learn everything about sake in the next 33 days. Izanami is their new Japanese restaurant located at Ten Thousand Waves and last night  Susie and I were treated to a delightful and informative evening of sake tasting and delicious food from Chef Kim Muller. Deborah, Duke and Kaz told us so many interesting things about sake and Japanese tradition.  Deborah is actually one of only 30 women in the world outside of Japan who is a Kikizakeshi, a sake somalier if you will.

Last night we had Sake 101 and I learned that all sake is made of only 3 ingrediants: rice, water and yeast. But there are many type of rice, water and yeast so that's why there are so many different types of sake. Also, I learned that sake is brewed like beer but you drink it like wine. Now, I really know nothing about sake, heck I've only had that hot crap and this is all cold. I loved all 5 of the sakes I tried last night and the first one we tried is the Ban Ryu, which means 10,000 Ways. By that they mean that is very versitle and can be paired with many foods. It was light, fruity and very smooth. It is a honjozo which means it has a rice ratio of 70% or less, and contains brewer's alcohol. Now that doesn't mean it adds more alcohol content, rather it smooths out the taste. It is made at the Fuji Brewery which was founded in 1778 by the Kato family. They named it Fuji because they wanted their sake to be as glorious as this national symbol. Deborah told me that all of the sake breweries name their sake about something beautiful that symbolizes their sake. Leave it to the Japanese to do everything with such beauty and meaning.

I will be talking about a different sake every day from now until February 19 so be sure to tune into the 10 o'clock hour every day on The Big Show and take your notes because on Fridays you can enter our weekly contest at santafe.com keyword sake and fill out the form, name all 5 sakes I've talked about that  week and on Mondays we will draw a winner who will receive dinner for two at Izanami and a private hot tub. We're celebrating Ten Thousand Waves 33rd birthday with 33 sakes and we're going to learn a lot about sake, to boot. This is going to fun!

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