Taking direct action for conservation and climate leadership.

The Climate Change Leadership Institute

It’s time for America to take responsibility for our major role in human induced climate change and lead the world by providing empowering solutions.

Our mission is to provide education and take action on behalf of advancing clean energy, climate stewardship and conservation (within New Mexico and across America). We do this by organizing and implementing annual direct action projects, by providing education workshops at schools, colleges and universities, by giving out paid student internships with leadership training, by awarding annual Climate Courage Awards, Direct Action Seed Grants, Innovation Seed Grants, Education Leadership Seed Grants and Conservation incentives, by putting on an annual action oriented as well as fun community centered fundraising event, by civil society partnering, and by utilizing the world wide web (and other social media) to promote interactive awareness and change-making.

Take a look at our current initiative, Santa Fe’s Carbon Offset~Community Service Project.



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