Our mission is dedicated to providing free tutoring and encouragement for adults

Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe

Our vision is a literate, thriving community where words can be read, written, spoken and understood, and where people can attain their goals and fully participate in society.

Literacy Volunteers of Santa Fe (LVSF) was established in 1985 to provide free, quality tutoring services to adults seeking to improve their basic reading skills or to learn English as a Second Language (ESL). The
most recent data from the New Mexico Coalition for Literacy indicates that statewide, New Mexico has a 46% functionally illiterate population.  In Santa Fe County, 34% of adults are functionally illiterate and 32% of adults in Santa Fe County speak only limited English.  And we are the only free literacy program for adults that serves Santa Fe. 

Tutoring is student-centered and focuses on building job skills, improving reading and writing skills for low literacy adults, empowering parents to help their children succeed in school, and encouraging citizenship.  Because of the great demand for literacy services in the area, the program has grown to support the work of 150 volunteer tutors on average working with more than 350 students annually.  Even with this large effort, there are many more adults seeking services than we can help with our present tutor capacity.

Literacy Volunteers has four program components provided in various formats throughout Santa Fe County:

One-to-One matches:  Adults who have limited or no literacy skills are matched with tutors who create a personalized learning program based on the student’s stated needs, interests and goals.  Many students would like to read better in order to get a job, help their children with their schoolwork, or improve their literacy for health.  These students also have the opportunity to learn basic computer literacy skills in our open computer lab which includes a series of reading, typing and job readiness skills.
Workplace Tutoring Groups:  Tutors go to hotels, restaurants, and other workplaces to teach small groups of employees English as a second language or Basic Literacy.  Employers provide time off for employees to be tutored (typically three hours per week), and pay them for this time.
Neighborhood and Community Tutoring Groups:  Tutors meet with extended families and/or friends living in close proximity either in a student’s home or a community facility.  Students can share childcare and attend at a convenient location.  These groups are ideal for individuals with transportation and/or childcare issues.  This includes tutoring at schools, libraries, churches, health clinics, community centers, and student homes.  Tutoring enables students to improve their English language skills and gain the basic skills necessary to improve quality of life for themselves and their families.

Our programs empower adults who in turn strengthen the larger community with improved literacy levels, employability and increased civic participation.


Santa Fe Community College, 6401 Richards Avenue, Adult Basic Education Center, Room 514 A

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