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IMPACT Personal Safety

Teaching children and adults to prevent and defend themselves against verbal, physical, and sexual violence.

IMPACT Personal Safety empowers children and adults by teaching them to prevent and defend themselves against verbal, physical, and sexual violence.

IMPACT teaches a research-based curriculum that was originally developed over 35 years ago to teach effective skills for the average person to avoid being targeted for assault, to recognize and avoid dangerous individuals and situations, and effectively address violence in the moment.  The foundation of IMPACT’s curricula was made by researching police records and by interviewing survivors and perpetrators, as well as experts in education, psychology, sociology, communications and physiology.  Founders then created the most effective type of training for each group.  They discovered a few fundamental points that IMPACT is based on today:

  1. People are assaulted differently based on how they’re perceived (age, gender, race, physical ability, etc.) and must be prepared for what is most likely to happen to them;
  2. Under the adrenal stress (fight or flight response) of an assault, an individual will often respond as they have been taught.  If they have not had any training (verbal or physical skills depending on the situation), often they will freeze with fear or react with inappropriate aggression, which are ineffectual safety strategies.
  3. Our socialization affects the way we respond to assault situations, as do our beliefs about whether or not we are able to defend ourselves. 

Why does IMPACT teach violence prevention and personal safety/self defense?  According to the FBI, New Mexico has the 3rd highest per capita incidence of rape and domestic violence in the country and ranks 5th highest for violent crimes. Prevention and early intervention is key as 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before age 18 (National Center for Victims of Crime, 2003).  Victim recidivism is high, as 77% of individuals who report sexual assault as adults were also sexually abused as children (New Mexico Clearinghouse on Sexual Abuse and Assault Services, 1997.)  Assaults against a child – whether verbal, physical, or sexual – adversely affect that child’s chances for success as s/he matures.  Survivors are more likely to attempt suicide, abuse substances, have an unintended teen pregnancy, and experience and/or commit assaults and abuse later in life.

It is in this environment that IMPACT began delivering services in Santa Fe in 2001, to help survivors of violence heal from the trauma of violence and teach effective prevention skills so that our young people never have to suffer the trauma and consequences of abuse and assault. 

IMPACT teaches in schools, for businesses and community organizations and holds classes for the public.  Learn more classes, volunteering, and violence prevention resources on IMPACT’s website.


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