The heart of Cooking with Kids is positive experience with healthy foods.

Cooking with Kids, Inc.

Cooking with Kids motivates and empowers elementary school students to make healthy food choices. Through hands-on nutrition education activities, kindergarten through 6th grade students explore, prepare, and enjoy fresh, affordable foods from around the world. We are excited to report that scientific research has found that children participating in Cooking with Kids significantly increased their preferences for fruits and vegetables compared with children who were not participating in the program in Santa Fe Public Schools.
A 5th grader says it best: “Do you know what the passion of food is? It’s the way the food smells and tastes – it’s the food that I like!”  Cooking with Kids experiential food and nutrition education curriculum includes cooking lessons and fruit and vegetable tastings that meet academic standards in math, science, language arts, social studies, health education, and art.

We believe that experience with fresh, healthy foods is an important part of learning how to take care of yourself. Many of us were fortunate to grow up with parents and grandparents, neighbors and friends who cooked and gardened, sharing with us the value and pleasure of food. Today, most children do not have this experience. Children embrace these experiences instinctively, with enthusiasm and joy in every class we teach. We also believe in being good stewards of our environment and supporting our community. Whenever possible, we purchase locally grown produce in order to support our local economy and sustainable growing practices.


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