Pre-celebration of Will Shuster's Zozobra

Zozofest and Family Fun Fair




Ticket Info

: Free

Event Description

Be there to see the birth of a new great Santa Fe tradition! ZOZOFEST happens Friday, August 30 at the Railyard.  See the unveiling of this year's Zozobra poster, walk through the Zozobra art show in El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, which ends with you putting your own glooms into Zozobra and then view Zozobra's head. Stroll outside to our free live entertainment under the water tower and end the night with a awesome family movie "Rise of the Guardians" at the performance green.  All for free.

Friday, Aug. 30:

4pm-4:15 Miriam Kass
4:30-4:45 Autumn Faulkner
4:55-5:25 Theives and Gypsys
5:40-6:25 Todd and The Fox
6:30-7pm Zozobra Poster Presentation
Fiesta Council
Speeches etc.
7:10-8pm La Junta

The Fun Fair/Zozofest August 31, 2013 lineup:

12pm-12:15 Duo Brothers
12:25-12:50 Space Hero
1pm-1:15 Miriam Kass
1:25-1:40 Autumn Faulkner
1:50-2:30 Theives and Gypsys
2:45-3:30 Todd and The Fox
3:32-3:42 New Mexico All Stars (stage 2)
3:45-4:35 Sol Fire
4:37-4:47 Carlos and His Caliente Crew (stage 2)
4:50-5:45 Sorela
5:47-5:57 3HC Break Dancers (stage 2)
6pm-7pm Tobias Rene

Then join us for the burning on Thursday September 5!