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Yares Art Projects is pleased to announce a exhibition of paintings by Jules Olitski from the estate and many of which have never been seen before.

Jules Olitski's 60-year career could be examined in five "chapters" of his work: Stain (1960 - 64), Spray (1965-70), Baroque (1973-81), High Baroque (1983-99), and Late Paintings (2000- 2006). Through his career marked by persistent, often exuberant reinvention, Olitski's concerns remained notably constant.
By the time his career was established, he preferred to work in his studio overnight, beginning at dusk and finishing at first light. Olitski's studio in Bear Island, New Hampshire, was built on the water, its windows facing westward, capturing the last possible rays of sunlight and streaks of color each evening. However, the light in Olitski's paintings is best related to the dawn, to the daily promise of renewed light after a long, dark night.
Olitski created many of his paintings from 1960 through 1964 by staining: pouring acrylic paint onto raw (unprimed or unprepared) canvas so that it soaked directly into the cloth. In contrast to the "gestural" surfaces of the Abstract Expressionism that dominated the art world throughout the 1950s, staining featured no brushstrokes or thick dabs and drips of paint. Instead, stain painting asserts its own flatness, and color unites with the canvas rather than sitting on top of it. One consequence of this technique is an unusual radiance, as if the raw canvas were an internal source of light. Olitski's experiments were unique for their bold shapes reminiscent of single-celled organisms and for their lively yet controlled compositions.


Manuel Neri:
The Mujer Pegada Series
Plaster, Bronze, and Marble Sculptures
with supplemental works on paper.

Yares Art Projects is pleased to announce a exhibition of sculpture and works on paper by Manuel Neri.

Considered a master of the poetics of contemplation, introspection, imagination, and the visual force of simplicity and balance,Neri was born in Sanger, California, to immigrant parents who had fled Mexico during political unrest following the Mexican Revolution. Neri studied under Richard Diebenkorn and Elmer Bischoff, taking up abstract expressionism under their influence, but later turning toward figurative art along with them and others.
Although Neri's body of work includes many paintings, drawings, and prints, his primary medium is sculpture, employing plaster, marble or bronze. He is noted for his life-size sculptures, which though clearly figurative in nature, are abstracted figures rather than realist representations. His sculptures emphasize surfaces that are often sanded, chipped, or painted to emphasize differentiations in texture. His approach to sculpture is often described as "painterly," and his approach to drawing and painting is correspondingly described as "sculptural".
The Mujer Pegada series has occupied Neri's creative output on and off for more than 25 years. Although the figure within the relief format is not new for the artist, his application of paint to the surfaces in this body of work reflect the artist's sensitive hand with a comfort and confidence in the application that is not seen in other bodies of work.


Riva Yares Book Signing
"Sleeping with Dogs"

Yares Art Projects is pleased to announce the book signing of Sleeping with Dogs by art dealer and author Riva Yares.

Sleeping with Dogs is the title of the new memoir by internationally known gallerist and philanthropist, Riva Yares. The reason for this title becomes apparent as we travel with Riva through her fascinating life. She lives on the edge, searching for artistic perfection and engaging in personal intrigue. Having spent her childhood in fear of bombing on the volatile stage of the Israeli war, she emerged from those ruins to become a leading patron of the arts-dispelling destruction and embracing creation. Riva's steady determination and fearlessness combined with a perceptive and innate understanding of what great art is, have led her to the highest pinnacle of success. She tells her story with lively humor and succinct honesty.The book is divided into three sections.The first vividly relates her coming of age in the Israeli underground against the backdrop of war.The second section is the story of her coming to America. The third is about the world of art. Readers will be enthralled by her account of an unparalleled journey through life here and beyond.

Published in May, 2011, Sleeping with Dogs chronicles legendary art dealer Riva Yares' relationships with many modern and contemporary art masters whom she represented in her long career starting in 1964.
Her mastery of esthetics and taste, and her pioneering vision built upon "old school" ethics as an art dealer (ADAA lifetime member) helped her deliver many of the artists we revere today to a greater public and with better understanding of their interlocking culture of fine art in the western world.