SONY and High Resolution Audio

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Just as HDTV revolutionized our television viewing with its huge leap in picture quality, High-Res Audio is doing the same for the music we listen to. If you’re wondering if your ears really need it, just ask your eyes if they’re willing to go back to old, standard definition TV.

Whether you’re talking analog or digital, sound engineers and musicians have always pursued the highest quality recording with the technology that’s available to them. When CDs came out, they offered high quality digital sound and portability, but were limited to how much they could hold by their physical size. In contrast, the MP3s made music transfer and sharing easier than ever, but the files needed to be compressed due to storage and bandwidth limitations—leading to a significant loss in sound quality.

Come listen and learn about High Resolution Audio (HRA) and how Sony is leading the way in gear and music. Find out what “better than CD” sounds like, where to find it, how to make your own high quality music files, and how to play it back on your audio system. We believe once you’ve experienced HRA you’ll want it. Come in to hear the difference.