Ventosas (Firecupping)



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(505) 820-6321

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Per Person: $45

Event Description

This class will educate students on how to use a meso-american tradition of using bamboo, glass or clay cups, to bring healing to the body. We will teach this ancient tradition of how we can heal muscles and body stagnation using ventosas.

Presented by Rita Navarrete Perez and Toñita Gonzales
Rita Navarrete Perez, an internationally renowned Traditional Healer/Curandera, For over 28 years she has had her own clinic, helping individuals heal. Rita is a professor at Centro de Desarollo Humano Hacia la Comunidad in Cuernavaca, Mexico (CEDEHC), teaching healers how to encourage emotional healing using Sobadas and the Temazcal (Mexica Sweatlodge). Rita currently practices, Sobadas (hands on energetic/physical healing), Temazcal, Chiropractor, and Medicinal Plants. For over 10 years Rita has come to University of New Mexico to teach Traditional Healing.

Toñita Gonzales, is a local Traditional Healer/Curandera, and apprentice of Rita. With daily side by side integrative learning with Rita, and combined with her intensive studies at CEDEHC in Cuernavaca MX, in Traditional Massage, Medicinal plants, Temazcal, Acupuncture, with an emphasis in Chronic Illnesses and Nutrition. She opened her Traditional Healing clinic and Temazcal Tonantzin in the north valley of Albuquerque in January 2011. Her goal is to educate her community, to help them understand the key to health is to be balanced, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Bi-lingual Presentation.