Uncle Jesse’s Honky Tonk Hoedown!



Event Description

Uncle Jesse has decided to throw a party to kick-off the summer in an OUTLAW COUNTRY kind of way.

Friday July 5th at "Club Warehouse” at the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino, it's the “Uncle Jesse Honky Tonk Hoedown” - a party like these parts ain’t never seen before.

From 6-9 PM we’re gonna take over the “Warehouse” for a concert by  SIMON BALKEY.  There’ll be free food, good music, and – 107.5 OUTLAW COUNTRY’s Uncle Jesse as your host.

Now you can't buy tickets to this one.  Keep listening to Uncle Jesse on the morning show, and he’ll be givin ‘em away.  You can also register below.  But you need to be 21 and up to join the party.

Plus…we’ll be sending the OUTLAW truck and crew out with free tickets to hand out in person.  Keep listenin’ to 107.5 OUTLAW COUNTRY to find out the dates and locations.

Uncle Jesse’s Honky Tonk Hoedown – starring SIMON BALKEY - at the Warehouse Club in Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino on July 5th from 6-9.  Be there!