‘Traveling Raveling’

An Axle Contemporary Opening




Event Description

Michelle Goodman, Gina Telcocci and Kathleen McCloud share an imagined, or perhaps forgotten, kinship with the itinerant healers, menders and fortunetellers of Europe and the American West. Axle Contemporary will be shuttling their magical accoutrements and oracular tools in the traveling exhibition, Traveling Raveling, July 12 - August 4.

Michelle Goodman makes headdresses, wheels of fortune and paintings on book covers alluding to material cultural forms like divination hats, carnival games and contemplation imagery. Made from wire, found materials, and ephemera from old books, her constructions function as talismans or relics revealing layers of dreams, beliefs, conventions, and aspirations.

Gina Telcocci will present to the public 3 collections of small sculptural objects, purported to confer health & good fortune upon the owners. Encased in specially designed containers they guard their owners potency. Gina invokes the inherent power of her materials, along with that of the artist’s hand, to assemble these bewitching treasures.

Kathleen McCloud channels the mysterious Madame Anna through her ink-blot prints and metaphysical con/textual objects-her guides to “the place where you can almost feel the world turning, one thing ending and the barely sensible thing coming in.”

While reveling in the traveling and the raveling, all 3 artists will demonstrate that their work can be augury, invocation, balm, or prescription. They will be available by serendipity or appointment during the exhibit for private consultation.