Traditional Nutrition Class



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(505) 820-6321

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Ticket: $30

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Join nutritionist, Heathar Shepard, in this traditional nutrition class, which will discuss the relationship to the foods that we eat and the way our bodies develop either health or dis-ease as a result of that. She will also discuss the relationship of emotions to dis-ease.

The class will also discuss nutrition and healing methods for: Cancer, heart disease, constipation, IBS and other intestinal disorders, fertility issues, menstrual issues, depression, anxiety, pregnancy and nutrition, nutrition for children, nutrition for parents pre-conception, insomnia, and sexual dysfunction.
Heathar will discuss the importance of both nourishing whole foods as traditional peoples consumed and how they were free of degenerative disease and how to heal the emotions to live a more awakened harmonious life.

Heathar Shepard has a degree in nutrition and studied classical Chinese medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She has been teaching and practicing traditional nutrition and medicine for over 6 years.