Tracy Grammer




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“Tracy Grammer is a brilliant artist and unique individual. Her voice is distinctive, as is her mastery over the instruments she plays.”
- Joan Baez

“[Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer have] become a treasured part of my music collection... Flower of Avalon presents more songs by Dave Carter, with Tracy at the helm as artist, interpreter, co-producer and the beating heart at the center of it all. Her pure voice conveys the simple truths of these songs; her gifts as a musician are like that of a painter who is a master of chiaroscuro, offering light and shadow at every turn.... I was honored and humbled by the invitation to sing on this record.“
- Mary Chapin Carpenter

“Tracy Grammer has that elusive quality of being able to speak directly to another person's heart - instantly bypassing all of the usual infrastructure - the moment she starts singing. She's great.“
- Richard Shindell

“A gracefully gifted multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer.“
- Pasadena Weekly

“One of the finest pure musicians anywhere in folkdom.”
- The Boston Globe

“Armed with a few of the sassier members of the string family, and a voice as nuanced and strong as you could hope for, Grammer delivers ... with a supernatural force that funnels straight through your ear to the deep, deep center of your heart.”
- The Missoula Independent

“Tracy has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard in my life. There's also a sadness and sorrow and pain and depth of knowledge to Tracy's playing. I really think there's nobody like her in the world.”
- Dave Carter, quoted in Dirty Linen, 2002

“Sumptuous sonics... hauntingly arresting music.“
- Vintage Guitar Magazine