The Watermelon Gallery - Extraordinary Fine Art Show Reception (Bernard Franz & Sandy Seehaver)




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Bernard Franz: Bernard Franz has been an artist all of his life. Even as a young boy, he found time to sketch. It was his hobby, his enjoyment, his obsession and soon to be his “lifeblood.” He has studied in Paris, Michigan, Florida and most recently in New Mexico. He has pursued challenges in all mediums…oil, watercolor, but most recently has been attracted to the creation of bronze sculpture. Fascinated by animals, he has created a series of bronze animals in all postures. His sculpture comes across with wisdom and humor, much the way the artist presents himself.

Sandy Seehaver:
Art & Science - Having worked in math and science, Sandy never thought of herself as an artist. But sometimes a scientist has a sudden insight into a problem or an experiment and sees a solution. Sandy had that same feeling when she first started to work with Photoshop. Sandy suddenly realized that she could create some new way of solving a pattern or a design—with weeds, feathers, textures—designs that could work together and be artistic and beautiful.