Party like it's 1776!

The Strange Independence Day




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Admission: $5 at the door

Event Description

In honor of the near revolutionary state our country is in...

The Strange will be throwing down thier "Desert Rock" originals and lighting stuff on fire this Fourth-O-July.

Haven't heard what the fuss is all about?  Check out The Strange below smile

About The Strange:

Born of blood, sweat and tears, The Strange is the culmination of many lives who have influenced what would become one of The Southwest's most creative and hard-working true rock acts. Described as "young outlaws" the members of The Strange have battled through many a hardship and hurdle in the process of bringing their brand of "desert rock" to the ears of the region. With no official source of support, the band has managed to tour extensively across the Southwest, West Coast, and Texas as well as having landed some impressive gigs in their hometown.

Justin Lindsey's honest songwriting accented by the powerful and soulful sound that Daniel Murphy, Andy Diekmann and Braden Anderson provide create a familiar, yet exciting new rock experience.