The Science of the Sacred Heart Workshop




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Workshop Fee: $20

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I will give to you as Jesus gave to me, the Science of the Sacred Heart (how to Activate the Sacred Seals and Brain) the light of God that lies dormant in mankind. Jesus lived a scientific life. He used and understood the Science of Prayer. Jesus graciously gave me an ancient practice using the Science of Prayer. I will be sharing this formula of prayer with you.

You will have a living opportunity to experience feeling God come alive in every cell of your body. Your body will become illuminated, your soul educated, and your frequency quickened as the light becomes more alive within you.
In a near Death experience, Virginia Ellen was infused with the wisdom, power and truths of Divine Love by Jesus. Virginia is a Mystical Healer, author, workshop leader and founder of Sacred Heart Yoga and the Medicine of Love. Virginia provides a clear demonstration of the attainment of her wisdom.

Pre-register: (505) 820-6321
Location: Milagro Herbs, 419 Orchard Drive, Santa Fe (right off Paseo de Peralta near Canyon Road, next to Kakawa Chocolate House, across from Gerald Peters Gallery)