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The Renegade Mountain Band (RMB) is a New Mexico country band that specializes in outlaw country, modern dance classics, and original country rock. RMB is best known for their excellent representations of classic country artists (Waylon, Willie, Merle, Dwight, etc…) and for their up-tempo interpretations of dance classics. RMB also throws in some rock (ZZ Top, Tom Petty, etc…) and original country rock to keeps things interesting. The Renegade Mountain Band consists of James Carothers (lead vocal, guitar), Dave Hemsing (vocal, bass), Trent McCuistian (drums), and JR Ross (steel guitar). Wildly talented in each of their own musical crafts, James, Dave, Trent, and JR have each played in a number of country and rock bands and venues throughout the years. Combined, these talents and experiences, along with a deep appreciation of past musical influences, result in a night out for fans that allows them to do two things…forget th eir current troubles and conjure up fond memories from the past. The Renegade Mountain Band is what every great musical experience should be…a hootin’ hollerin’ good time… nostalgic!