Santa Fe Bandstand Presents

The Mil-Tones Brass Band and Terrence Simien

New Orleans Second-Line Brass Band | Zydeco




Event Description

Not to be confused with either the MelTones (a Canadian surf rock band) or the Mel-Tones (a vocal quintet founded by Mel Tormé in the 1940s), the Mil-Tones are a Santa Fe brass band that plays the traditional music of New Orleans. Drummer Milton Villarrubia III leads the show with a bass drum strapped to his chest. 
A changing lineup of trumpet, trombone, and other brass players, as well as percussion and the occasional woodwind, fill out the band’s bold sound. Together they recreate the festive music one might hear from a New Orleans second-line parade band or during a traditional jazz funeral.

For nearly 30 years, Grammy award-winning artist Terrance Simien, 8th generation Louisiana Creole has been shattering the myths about what his indigenous Zydeco roots music is and is not. Leading his Zydeco Experience band, Simien has become one of the most respected and accomplished artists in American roots music today. He and his band mates have performed over 7000 concerts, toured millions of miles to over 45 countries during their eventful career.