Axle Contemporary hosts

The Lady Minimalists Tea Society: ‘Magnetic Drift’




Event Description

Drifting west at the rate of fifty-five miles a year, the magnetic north pole is headed for Siberia, and from there, who knows?

Axle Contemporary presents an exhibition by the Lady Minimalists Tea Society. Magnetic Drift is an interactive installation that’s also headed somewhere unknown, depending on the whims of our viewers/collaborators.

The installation consists of tiles-tiny artworks by the six artists, attached to the walls of our mobile gallery with magnets.  Anyone who enters the truck is invited to move them about and form their own constellation of artworks. In this site-specific project for Axle Contemporary the Lady Minimalists have created small works that are moveable and interchangeable.  A large work can be created with component parts made by one artist or several.  A small single work can be a world in and of itself.  In the spirit of more openness and flexibility we also are pricing the work at a point that should be affordable for all.

THE LADY MINIMALISTS TEA SOCIETY is a collective of 6 Northern New Mexico artists who have an aesthetic relationship to minimalism as a core principle.  It is a starting point for some and a reaction to the concept for others.  Each of them has adapted the minimalist aesthetic to her own individual ends.  They retain a shared sense of pared-down processes, materials and/or colors, so that what is left out of the artwork is as crucial as what is allowed in.  There is no storytelling; pictorial space is explored abstractly, often with an emphasis on light or atmosphere.

This exhibition runs from September 6 through 29, 2013