Jan. 28

The Julesworks Follies 22nd Edition at the Jean Cocteau




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Julesworks presents edition twenty-two of Santa Fe’s Monthly Variety Show, The Julesworks Follies, on Tuesday, January 28th at 6 pm. We are excited to stage our show once again at the newly reopened Jean Cocteau Cinema at 418 Montezuma. Our year-end show was well attended and lively so we hope to follow that up with a good start to 2014.

The Julesworks Follies commemorates our 22nd entry as Santa Fe’s only Monthly Variety Show. While many performers present each month, some come and go, and each month we hope to have at least one new performer. This month looks to be another with multiple new components. 

We have a new Host/Emcee, who will perform in a few pieces as well, Chris Diestler. Diestler is an all-around performer, emcee and DJ with Hutton Broadcasting and works on stages and screens and behind in New Mexico generously, including over the years with Julesworks. 

Our Very Special Guest Joe West returns for his third straight Folly with some original songs and as a new character in the serialized play by Julesworks “Whatever You Do Chatting with God?.” Joe is one of Santa Fe's most cherished musicians and performers. We are pleased that while he seems to be on a sabbatical from playing many of his other gigs, he has chosen to perform with the Julesworks Follies. 

Another new component launched last month that will continue is a serialized reading of snippets of the BBC Radio Play Versions of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” including the second appearance by Vanessa Rios and Quinn Mander with Diestler and Jules. Rios and Mander are amongst the top tier of actors about town who appear on many stages and Rios is also a director, currently with two productions in the works at the SF Playhouse.

Our resident musician Greg Turner continues to play selections of his world famous catchy bizarre fun music. We will show his new music video “Satan’s Bride” starring Steve Terrell and Kristina Perdue.

Trent Zelazny continues to get acclaim world-wide with his fiction. He reads almost monthly with the Follies as well as other venues around town. His books sell well in print and in electronic form and are recorded for audiobooks. 

Patrick Chavez continues performing Zoe’s Stories. Patrick represents the core ethos of the Follies in that twenty months ago he shared stories he had hand written for his daughter only which he now performs off book and prepared.

Al Staggs returns his unique comic impersonations. Al does his shockingly accurate versions of cherished comedians. He performs around the country while also giving lectures on being funny and he works in a funeral home.

Another new addition is Charles Maynard who will present a snippet of 'Adventures of a Small Town Doctor' stories about his experience taking care of an entire county of people in the middle of nowhere with no other docs around. A book by the same name is due for release in the summer. He works for KSFR radio as the Feature Content Coordinator for the news department and news anchor.

Also returning is belly dancer Chandler Rhinehart, who has studied around the world and dances around town and travels. Her style infuses a variety of cultures. She has been off for a well so we welcome her return.

The Julesworks Rip Off Team will venture once again into new territory with a short scene from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” with Jules as Jonny Depp’s Hunter Thompson, Sibley as Benicio Del Toro’s Attorney and introducing Marti Mills on stage for her first appearance, as Cristina Ricci’s Art Girl. Mills does our graphic design and more.

The Full-On Monty Python Copyright Infringement Experience aka The Monty Python Recreation Brigade Squad Posse aka Crunchy, Raw, Un-Boned, Real, Dead Frog Parrot Droppings recreates original Monty Python material including sketches, snippets of their films and the Pepperpots. They will do their rendition of the BookShop Sketch of the dinner scene from “The Meaning of Life” when a Mr. Death comes knocking with Tom Sibley, Jules, Leticia Cortez, Quinn Mander, Greg Sonnenfeld, Chris Diestler and Laura Engstrom. Sonnenfeld and Engstrom join the team officially for the first time, having performed briefly as part of the Open Slot Slot last month. They had seen a previous Follies which inspired them to prepare a couple scenes to perform unannounced. 

We are triply pleased that they were so inspired as audience members to have made the push to join on stage!!!
They are spearheading new territory for the Julesworks Rip-Off Brigade Squadron to present a short scene from “Anchorman”.

They also join up to reinvigorate the Julesworks Improving Improv, who will play the Three Headed Oracle game with audience input. Players include: Sonnenfeld, Engstorm, Cortez, Sibley, Jules, Diestler, Quninsier and Mander as the conductor. 

Julesworks presents the 22nd chapter of their serial, with a newly expanded title, “Whatever You Do Chatting with God ", starring Jules, Tom Sibley, Joe West, and re-introducing Jasmine Quinsier for female power! 

Other Loyalists who perform almost monthly who will return include:

Tom Sibley presenting snippets of his unique one-man comedy and as a member of the Jworks Rip-Off Squads and their Serialized Play. Sibley’s star as a stand up comedian continues to rise.

Experimentalist Andrew Kirkpatrick returns with a new piece combining his talents as a singer (Karaoke Master), electronic musician and more. Andy has hosted many times as well. 

Leticia Cortez will present a snippet of her original writings with her signature style and social themes. Cortez also participates in many of Julesworks’ sketches.

Also new to the show is young musician Laurel Wilson who will play one or two original songs. Wilson is a singer and guitarista who often composes ballads. We are very excited to have our first female soloist!!!

The Open Slot Slot will carry on to possibly allow a quick piece by interested audience members.

Some more pieces and tidbits may be confirmed and announced shortly.

Tickets will be $7 to support Julesworks and the newly re-opened Jean Cocteau and your community artists. We will stage the Julesworks Raffle of goodies and prizes donated from restaurants, merchants and artists across Santa Fe to support Julesworks' effort to stage this community monthly variety show.

We thank Marti Mills for our graphic design and Joe Allgood and Graphic Sky Printing as well as Jim Snowden for their video work.

The show will carry on towards the end of each month.

All performers and artists, as well as anyone interested in helping behind the scenes, are encouraged to submit possible show ideas to Jules at: srubinfilms@gmail.com