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‘The Case of the Recurring Wodaabe’ with Corinne Kratz




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The Wodaabe people are nomadic cattle-herders and traders whose migrations stretch across central Africa. They were little known outside their home region of the Sahel in 1950. Since then they have been the subject of over 20 films and photographic books, featured on magazine and CD covers, and performed all over the world. Filmmakers ranging from Robert Gardner, Werner Herzog, and National Geographic turned their lenses on Wodaabe life, highlighting their elaborate attire and rich ceremonies, particularly the visually spectacular geerewol ceremony.

Dr. Kratz traces the remarkable proliferation of these cultural images, and how they are reframed by and for Euroamerican audiences. The story about Wodaabe images provides a way to examine the political, historical, cultural, and communicative conditions and processes through which particular images become icons that circulate globally, sediment into popular culture, and shape understandings, misunderstandings, and relations within and across cultures.