Santa Fe Bandstand Presents

The Bus Tapes and Tiho Dimitrov

Folk, Rock | Blues, Rock




Event Description

Two time New Mexico Music Award winners, husband and wife duo Case and Heather Tanner, bring together a range of talented musicians for fun and interactive shows, taking audiences by the hand and leading them through a “what’s-cool” tour of music. Their eclectic mix of originals and covers, everything from blues and folk to R&B ballads, has been rocking crowds since 2008.

The first European Invasion of American Blues being re-imagined happened back in the 60’s by British bands. Tiho Dimitrov is spearheading the next wave of European-born musicians playing the Blues, spiced-up with influences from the Old World, contemporary American rock music, and adding something new, the fingerprint of a new generation.Tiho Dimitrov’s original music reveals a mature musician, skillfully blending the old with the new. His style is a refreshing combination of blues, rock, and pop. Dimitrov’s songs are soulful and sincere, loaded with emotion, with catchy hooks. His guitar skills are impressive but his music relies on more than just his tasty chops, letting the listener discover more as the story of each song is told. Listening to Dimitrov’s music leaves one wanting to hear more. In the words of his audience, every time Tiho plays a show, it gets better and better.