An Axle Contemporary Exhibition

‘The Artist Is In’

Through July 7



Event Description

Four days only!
Thursday, July 4th: On Palace Ave. in front of The New Mexico Museum of Art 8am - 3pm
Friday, July 5th: Somewhere on Canyon Road10am - 5pm
Saturday, July 6th:  Paseo de Peralta, in front of SITE Santa Fe8am - 3pm
Sunday, July 7th: Ernesto Mayans Gallery on Canyon Road10am - 5pm

Clearly, obviously and foremost, artists are people. Contrary to their representation in popular culture, artists are not just eccentric, chosen, or weird, but rather are individuals with many facets, opinions, and ways of presenting themselves in the world.  For The Artist Is In, Axle Contemporary has invited 16 artists to each spend 90 minutes in the mobile gallery. 
Each artist will bring a work of art, and spend time with whomever stops by, discussing whatever they choose.  Precise schedule available at soon.
Woody Vasulka

Don Kennell
Paula Castillo
August Muth
Michael Schippling
Charles Greeley and Bunny Tobias
Erika Wanenmacher
Gail Rieke
Charlie Carrillo

Cheri Ibes
Sondra Goodwin
Thelma Mathias
Kathleen McCloud
Lara Nickel
Stacy Neff