Telluride Mountainfilm Festival




Ticket Info

Purchase Tickets Online or by phone at 505-988-1234

Admission: $15

Event Description

"Mountainfilm on Tour" inspires, informs, and challenges us. The films make us laugh, cry, and even angry, but above all they show us the power film has to change the world. Since 1979 Telluride's Mountainfilm has been dedicated to educating and inspiring audiences about issues that matter, environments worth preserving, and conservation efforts worth sustaining. Screening a mix of films, from mountain sports to amazing wild places, WildEarth Guardians’ program selections are bound to appeal to people from all walks of life who enjoy thrilling imagery combined with thoughtful story-telling.

First Half:

•Opening Mountainfilm Trailer – 3 mins (Wolfmother - Vagabond)
Race for the Nose - 21 mins (climbing)
All I Can – 5 mins (skiing)
Racing the End – 11 mins (street biking race)
Blue Obsession – 8 mins (glacier climbing)
Industrial Revolutions – 5 mins (bike)
Sketchy Andy – 21 mins (high-lining)

Total Minutes: (74 mins)


Second Half:

•Second Half Mountainfilm Trailer – 3 mins (Snow Patrol – Open your Eyes)
Song of the Spindle - 5 mins – (whale)
The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom – 40 mins (moving enviro film)
Unicorn Sashimi – 5 mins (Japanese ski porn with traditional drums)

Total Minutes: (53 mins)