Teen Court of Santa Fe County and ARTsmart to Unveil Public Art Mural Project



Event Description

The Santa Fe County Teen Court Program and ARTsmart of Santa Fe would like to invite all Santa Fe residents to their mural unveiling at Frenchy’s Field  (located at Agua Fria and Osage) on Saturday, July 27 at 11am.  In addition to the formal unveiling, there will be food, music and other activities in celebration of the completion of the mural project.

Under the guidance of seasoned muralist Jonathan Cohen, students designed and painted the mural on the home of the original land owner of Frenchy’s Field, bringing it back to life as if it were still inhabited today.  The students’ intention for their beautiful work of public art is to act not only as a means of deterring graffiti and creating a shared responsibility for graffiti prevention at Frenchy’s, but also celebrating the unique and colorful history of the park area and of the Santa Fe community.

Teen Court of Santa Fe County and ARTsmart collaborate on youth mural projects to support positive youth development while simultaneously beautifying communities throughout Santa Fe County.  Teen Court and ARTsmart mural projects are designed with a youth work-force development component, inviting students to engage as professional artists under the guidance and mentorship of an instructing artist who helps them to work collaboratively on a project for a client.