March 28

Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference




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Admission: Free

Event Description


What is it?
SWRFA – NM is a one-day conference dedicated to promoting folk music in the state of New Mexico. It is sponsored by the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance, or SWRFA, which is the regional arm of the Folk Alliance International; an organization whose mission is to foster and promote traditional, contemporary, and multicultural folk music and related performing arts through education, networking, advocacy, and professional and field development. SWRFA – NM gives New Mexico’s performing folk artists, venue operators, talent buyers, communications personalities and other professionals involved in folk music the chance to meet, to hear and be heard, to network, share mutual concerns and consider innovative ways of expanding public awareness and public access to New Mexico’s rich and varied spectrum of folk music.

SWRFA-NM is a Free event, open to Members of Folk Alliance International AND NON-MEMBERS.

When is it?
Friday, March 28th, 2014, 9:30 am – 9:00 pm

Where is it?
Hotel Santa Fe
1501 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Tel: (888) 718-8150

Who should attend?
Acoustic musicians, singers and songwriters, venue owners, concert presenters, folk festival producers, radio DJ’s, music journalists, bloggers, publicists, and more!

Why should you attend?
To learn about what Folk Alliance can do for you
To showcase your music
To discover new talent to bring to your venue
To share ideas with other industry professionals
To help build a stronger acoustic music community in New Mexico

How do you register?
Simply click here to be taken to the conference registration page. If, for some reason you cannot access the electronic form, you can download a pdf version of the registration form to complete and e-mail to or snail mail back to the SWRFA-NM Committee.

While SWRFA-NM is a FREE event, we require that you register before March 1st, 2014 in order to receive a formal invitation. To do so, simply fill the electronic form above or, if unable to access the electronic form, mail the completed pdf document to the address shown below or e-mail a scanned version to

Maximum Capacity
Our maximum capacity is 150. At the point that registration requests exceed that number, we will establish a waiting list. So, if for some reason you can no longer attend, please e-mail us and let us know so that a waiting list person can attend in your place.

How do you apply to showcase?
If you wish to apply to compete for a performance slot, you can do so when you register. On the electronic form itself, for those who note that they are performers, you will see text asking if you wish to apply for the showcase. If you choose “YES” you will be presented with the showcase application portion of the electronic from to fill out. If for some reason you cannot access this form, you can download a pdf version of the application form which you can complete and either mail it to the address shown below or e-mail a scanned version of the completed form to

If you do not have links to mp3s on line, but can provide mp3s directly, you can e-mail them to

If you do not have mp3s but are submitting a CD, please send it to the address shown below. If you send a CD with more than two songs, please indicate which two songs you are submitting for consideration; if you don’t indicate which two you want heard, the reviewers will listen to the first two songs on the CD.

Applications for showcases has been extended to February 8, 2014. Late applications will not be considered. You must ALSO be registered for the full day conference to be considered for the showcase. Those chosen MUST provide technical and publicity information (i.e. number/nature of instruments, typical/preferred stage plot, etc.).