Super Moon, Full Moon Fire Ceremony




Contact Info:

(505) 989-3507

Ticket Info

Newcomers: $20

Returnees: $10

Full Time Students & Seniors (65+): Half Price

Event Description

This upcoming full moon will be the brightest moon of 2013, the closest to the Earth until August of next year. It shines in Capricorn, signaling a focus on goals, ambitions, and reputation. Also prominent is the influence of Pluto, carrying with it deep and powerful changes...suggesting that we need to embrace transformation in order to stay in the flow.

At the fire ceremony, we align our three power centers of thinking, feeling, and action with the Earth and Heavens, allowing our higher self to guide and direct our co-creator abilities. We make offerings to the fire to release what serves us no longer, and to invite that which propels us to our highest good.

Here's how the evening flows:

From 6-7pm, we provide an orientation to fire ceremony for newcomers. After that, returnees join us for a guided shamanic journey to clarify individual intentions for the fire. The evening culminates outdoors with the fire ceremony, complete with chanting and rattling.

Come join us at this beautiful ceremony to enjoy the fine weather under the stars and honor the cycles and rhythms of the Earth.